[arms of Caid] Arts of Combat and Chivalry [arms of the Queen of Caid]

SCA participants engage in armored combat, rapier combat, archery, and equestrian activities

The Society Marshals' Policies

Kingdom Marshallate/Combat Policies

SCA Armored Combat

See also "Combat/Chivalry-related" pages

Rapier Combat

Archery, Siege & Throwing Weapons

Equestrian Activities

  • The SCA Equestrian College
    Contains the Society Equestrian Rules, pictures, and info about the Society-wide newsletter, the e-mail list, and the Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition. Links to kingdom equestrian websites, and other sites of interest.
  • History of Horse Bards and Tack
    An overview of period horse coverings
  • Medieval Sidesaddles
    An article on creating a workable "medieval" style side-saddle, with pictures and a bibliography.

Combat/Chivalry-related Webpages

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